Constructed in 1922 as a row of six small stores, our building fell into decline before suffering a fire in 2012.  Over a fourteen-month period in 2013-14, general contractor Dave Nelson and owners Mike and Fred Chapman renovated the four left-hand stores, opening up the interior space with laminated structural beams, and gracing the front with all-new arched brickwork by Minas Masonry.  In August 2017, a convenience store that had occupied the right-hand two stores since the 1960s closed, prompting an expansion of the restaurant, from 75 to 127 seats.  This new space features reclaimed brick walls, an original timbered ceiling, a Brazilian cherry floor, 1920s art deco posters, and a performance sound system.  With its intimate 'speakeasy' feel, it is an ideal date-night destination.  Our full basement features a spectacular granite ledge of boulders deposited 10,000 years ago by a retreating glacier, and a 1,000 sq ft wine cellar.

      Saddled with outmoded regulations and a conservative equipment industry, restaurants are typically resource hogs, gobbling electricity and gas, sluicing away water, and wasting as much food as they serve.  Notwithstanding, we set out to make The Stops as efficient as time and budget allowed.  External walls have three inches of closed-cell urethane foam insulation, and the roof has four inches; frontage windows are double glazed with Low-E glass.  Even today, energy efficient commercial appliances are rare beasts, but our fryolator, main fridge, and bar glasswashers are all Energy Star compliant, and an energy-management system optimizes our walk-in keg cooler.  All our restaurant lighting is by 5 to 10 watt LEDs.  Bathrooms have intelligent, water-saving Toto flushometers and automatic faucets.





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