Nathan Allen, Executive Chef

      Born in England to a proprietor of youth hostels, cooking has always been Chef Allen’s passion.  After training under Jean-François Sicallac at the Michelin 3-star La Tour d’Argent in Paris, he became sous chef at the Killington Grand Hotel and then at the Beat Brasserie in Harvard Square.  A kitchen of team players, Nate's is a hotspot of innovation, collaboration, and fusion, blending New England produce and French sauces with Latino preparations and Asian spices.

Mike Chapman, Barkeep

      After leaving England with several successful businesses under his belt, Mike settled in Boston in 1985 with his wife, Cathy.  In 2006, he earned a PhD in U.S. history at Boston College and became Associate Professor at Peking University, publishing 13 books and articles.  But then the entrepreneurial spirit pushed him one last time to open The Glenville Stops.

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